BOWTZ’s Warehouse Smart Labels in developing Made Advances in Essential Points

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Bowtz Warehouse Smart Labels is a material-sorting-operation-assisting system, of advanced IoT private communication technology. It’s normally employed in warehouses or modern logistic-and-sorting centers, with key words as fast sorting, high efficiency, low mistaking rate, paperless, and standarlisation. Such high-end technology works with Warehouse Management System or other logistic management system in a more effective way.

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With a solid base of Electronic Shelf Labels IoT system, the development of Warehouse Smart Labels is advanced in terms of task-processing speed, such as LED flash and display changing. In order to help warehouse workers to improve their working effectiveness, the label will be equipped with some buttons, and LED light under major button. And to reach a longer distance between the gateway and labels for the warehouse is certainly some larger space, BOWTZ employs SUB 1G technology in the Warehouse Smart Labels system.

Today, the major difficulties have been overcome, and the testing of system performance is in constant process. Let’s look forward to the new-look device and the official launch of solution previsibly in June, 2024.

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