Digital Display IoT Platform

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BOWTZ Prafire 5.0

The platform is highly configurable, respect to scenarios, layout, data display & search, activity trigger, language and data integration. While digital display solution can be customised in half an hour, development cost is largely reduced, and the projects can be quickly installed

Features of Prafire 5.0

Scenario Creator

Platform allows solution made not only to satisfy retailers, but also for all other sectors, as ID or information board for offices, for conferences, for medical centers......

Layout Builder

One screen can be divided to display information of several units, and the disposition is customisable by users.

Task Driver

Conditions can be preset to meet all kinds of requirements, to trigger the template change and LED flash.

System Management

Three roles: Maintenance, headquarter Store, and branch store, each one owns the access to different functions. Levels can be expanded.

All-in-One Platform

No matter how many stores, one set of platform is required to manage ESL in all stores. It 's also a platform of integration to different ERP systems and languages.

Multi-server Deployment

The same platform can be deployed in more than one linux server, these ones keep updating data with each other against risks of some breakdown.